Cellumax SP-5A

Cellumax SP-5A insulation is pneumatically spray applied directly to the underside of any ceiling or roof surface.

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Cellumax CB - 5A

Blend of specially prepared cellulose fibers, organic in nature, treated with adhesive and fire resistant chemicals.

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Cellumax Sheet

Easy and clean fitting for internal walls, floors, party walls, internal/external studwork walls, acoustic insulation

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The environmentally responsible choice in insulation CELLUMAX


  • 1994

    Our Cellumax Beginnings

    Cellumax Co.,Ltd. Group was established in Thailand in 1994 with the objective to utilize waste paper by way of a specially developed recycling process to manufacture a high quality cellulose based insulation material. Our Company registered the capital more than fourteen million bath.

  • 1998

    CELLUMAX® insulation

    Cellumax’s manufacturing site in Samutprakran has been in operation since 1998 and offers today a wide and unique range of CELLUMAX ® insulation systems. The significance of cellulose with its natural and excellent thermal and acoustic properties and environmentally friendly and safe benefits is increasingly recognized the world over. Where mineral insulation materials or man-made products merely insulate, cellulose offers a far wider range of benefits to the user. Nothing and no-one is as inventive as Mother Nature. The natural properties of cellulose remain stable whether in spray-on and or in panel form. The absorption characteristics of cellulose also regulate the moisture content of insulation to suit the surroundings. The excellent heat-retaining capacity improves heat protection all year round. Cellumax’s activities have helped to increase awareness of ecological issues and the advantage of alternative natural insulation material.

  • Today

    Wide range of insulation application

    Today we offer CELLUMAX ® spray-on-system for a wide range of insulation application. Cellumax is active in Thailand nationwide and offers technical expertise advice and service to architects, contractor, developer, consultants and homeowner on CELLUMAX ® insulation systems.

  • Today

    Export products and technologies

    Today, Cellumax Co.,Ltd. Group Success to export our products and technologies to Australia, Singapore, Laos and Bangladesh. This is our pride for Thai Company has been recognized in the international level.

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Characteristics of CELLUMAX®

1. Composition

CELLUMAX® systems are produced from recycled news print, blended with non-hazardous binder and fire protecting agent.

2. Most efficient in heat insulation

CELLUMAX® can reduce heat transmission from roof or wall by more than 90% (depend on the size and the thick of the inventory)

3. Energy-saving

Since CELLUMAX® can considerably reduce heat transmission from roof or wall, the room temperature is 10-12 C lower than the external temperature (depending on environment). After the air-condition has been turned on for a few minutes, the room temperature quickly falls. Consequently, the workload of the air-conditioner is cut, and 40% of the energy is saved.

4. Fire-resistant

Composed of fire-resistant boric acid, CELLUMAX® is non-flammable. When burning, it is only partly consumed and will not enable the fire to spread.

5. Vermin-resistant

The composition of CELLUMAX® systems repels vermin and insects infestation and breeding.

6. Non toxic

CELLUMAX® is a natural product made of pulp, processed with chemicals, harmless to humans, although detectable by adour. Unlike other insulators, it produces no toxic smoke when burned.

7. Non irritant

Free of fiberglass, asbestos or any other irritant materials, CELLUMAX® causes no allergies or skin irritation.

8. Mildew proof

CELLUMAX® systems are graded in category 0 according to DIN IEC 68, part 2 – 1 (No risk of fungal attack). The material is hydroscopic and regulates air humidity.

9. Noise inhibiting

CELLUMAX® is fluffy, thus able to inhibit noise penetration. It can reduce loudness by 25-50% volumes of 20-60 decibel can be lowered to a comfortable threshold.

10. Lightweight

CELLUMAX® spray-on systems are light in weight due to the nature of the material and weight only 2.5 kg/m2 (For Cellumax Sheet)

11. Easy installation

CELLUMAX® systems are highly flexible and can be easily installed in a relatively short space of time in all kinds of construction areas. The flexCL 040 panel system is easy to fit and suitable for do-it-yourself installation.

12. No packing down

CELLUMAX® has a relatively high density so its fluffiness remains, no packing down or deterioration will occur. As a result, it lasts as long as the building.

13. Endurably

CELLUMAX® can use it long time.

14. Friendly the Environmentally

CELLUMAX® be harmless with the environment.

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